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13+ Best AI Tools to Remove Background Noise from Audio: Podcaster’s Guide [2024]

July 18, 2024 Deciphr AI
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In the world of podcasting, audio quality can make or break your show.

Background noise is a common culprit that can distract your audience and diminish the overall listening experience. Thanks to AI, there are several noise remover tools available that can help you achieve crystal-clear audio.

Let's explore 13+ of the best noise removal software out there so you can get the most bang for your buck. 

What Is a Background Noise Remover Tool?

A noise remover tool uses advanced algorithms to identify and eliminate unwanted sounds from audio. These tools come in handy for podcasters who record in not-so-ideal conditions.

Note: Here’s a quick guide on podcast editing to get you started.

Why Do Podcasters Need a Noise Remover Tool?

You may not recognize it now, but a noise remover tool is a winning asset for podcasters. Let’s look at real-world scenarios where it proves invaluable.

Home Recording Distractions

Many podcasters start their journey from the comfort of their homes, which aren't always soundproof. Imagine recording a heartfelt interview, only to find that your audio is marred by the sound of a neighbor's lawn mower or a distant dog barking. 

Tricky On-the-Go Recordings

For podcasters who record interviews or segments on the go, environmental noise is a constant battle. Whether it's the bustle of a coffee shop or the ambient noise in a busy park, these sounds can detract from the listening experience. 

Bad Audio from Remote Guests

In the era of remote collaborations, you often rely on audio files sent by guests who might not have access to professional recording setups. Audio might include echo, static, or background hums. Yikes.

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Background Noise Remover Tool

When it comes to choosing the right background noise remover tool, there’s a need to focus on what truly matters. Here are five factors to consider, ensuring you select a tool that enhances your audio quality and complements your podcasting workflow. 

  • Effectiveness. The core purpose of a noise remover tool is to eliminate unwanted sounds. Opt for a tool that can handle various types of background noises.
  • Ease of Use. A straightforward, intuitive interface is best, especially for those who aren't editing experts. Tools that are easy to navigate can streamline your editing process.
  • Setup Compatibility. Ensure the noise remover tool is compatible with your existing recording and editing equipment. This compatibility is vital to maintain a smooth and efficient workflow.
  • Cost-Features Tradeoff. Balance the cost of the tool against the features it offers. While some free tools might cover basic needs, investing in a paid tool could provide advanced features that enhance your podcast's audio quality.
  • Output Quality. The tool should not only remove noise but also maintain or enhance the overall audio quality. High-quality output is crucial for a professional and engaging podcast.

By considering these factors, you can choose a background noise remover tool that not only meets your current needs but also scales with your podcast as it grows. With Deciphr AI, you can even use your crisp audio file to write show notes for you

Top 14 AI Background Noise Remover Tools for Podcasters

List of the Top 14 AI Background Noise Remover Tools for Podcasters

What AI tool removes background noise? Here are 14 leading noise remover tools with features, pricing, and pros and cons. 

1.'s website

Features: offers a straightforward interface for noise reduction, with additional video editing capabilities. It's suitable for quick fixes and minor audio enhancements.


  • Free plan with a 1GB upload limit
  • Basic plan at $18 monthly per user
  • Pro plan at $30 monthly per user
  • Business plan at $70 monthly per user


  • User-friendly, ideal for beginners.
  • Integrates video editing.
  • No installation required, as it's web-based.


  • Advanced features locked behind a paywall.
  • Limited audio editing capabilities compared to specialized software.
  • May not handle complex noise issues effectively.

2.'s website

Features: provides real-time noise reduction and supports a wide range of audio formats. It's versatile and suitable for various audio editing tasks.


  • Monthly plan billed at $19.99 with access to all AI tools
  • Standalone noise removal tool billed at $ 9.99 monthly


  • Supports multiple audio formats.
  • Real-time noise reduction feature.
  • Web-based, easy access.


  • Free version has significant limitations.
  • Not as intuitive for complete beginners.
  • Limited advanced audio editing features.


Podcastle's website

Features: Designed specifically for podcasters, offers high-quality podcast noise reduction and enhances vocal clarity. It also includes recording and editing tools.


  • Free plan with unlimited audio recording and editing
  • Storyteller plan charged at $14.99 per month
  • Pro plan charged at $29.99 per month


  • Tailored for podcast production.
  • High-quality noise reduction.
  • Includes recording and editing tools.


  • Pricier than some alternatives.
  • May have a learning curve for new users.
  • Limited functionality outside podcasting.


Kapwing's website

Features: Kapwing is a multi-purpose tool that includes simple and effective noise removal features, along with video editing capabilities.


  • Free plan
  • Pro plan billed at $16 per user per month
  • Business plan at $50 per user per month



  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Combines audio and video editing.
  • Ideal for quick edits.


  • Limited advanced audio editing options.
  • Free version has restrictions.
  • More focused on video editing.

5.'s website

Features: uses cutting-edge AI for noise reduction and sound enhancement, offering high-quality audio processing for various file types.


  • One-time fee of $18 for a lite pack with 90 minutes covered
  • One-time fee of $25 for a plus pack with 300 minutes inclusive
  • One-time fee of $35 for a pro pack with 500 minutes covered


  • Advanced AI-driven noise reduction.
  • High-quality audio output.
  • Supports various file types.


  • Can be expensive for frequent use.
  • More suitable for advanced users.
  • Limited additional audio editing features.

6. Cleanvoice AI

Cleanvoice's website

Features: Cleanvoice AI specializes in automated noise and echo removal, making it efficient for cleaning up audio files quickly.


  • Monthly plan inclusive of 10 audio hours at $10.88
  • Monthly plan inclusive of 30 audio hours at $27.19
  • Monthly plan inclusive of 100 audio hours at $87
  • It also has a pay-as-you-go option ranging from $10.88 to $43.50


  • Automated noise and echo removal.
  • Efficient for quick cleanups.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Limited manual adjustment options.
  • May not handle complex audio issues well.
  • Primarily focused on voice recordings.


Audiodenoise's website

Features: This web-based tool offers a straightforward approach to noise reduction, suitable for quick and simple audio fixes.

Pricing: Audiodenoise is free.


  • Simple and accessible.
  • No download or installation required.
  • Ideal for fast, basic noise reduction.


  • Not suitable for complex audio editing.
  • Limited features compared to other tools.
  • Quality of noise reduction may vary.

8. Descript

Descript's website

Features: Descript combines transcription services with advanced audio editing, including noise removal, making it a comprehensive tool for podcasters.


  • Free plan with one-click studio sound fix for up to 10 min files
  • Creator plan at $15 per user per month 
  • Pro plan at $30 per user per month 
  • Custom pricing for Enterprise plan


  • Multifunctional with transcription services.
  • Advanced audio editing features.
  • Suitable for detailed audio work.


  • Higher learning curve.
  • Pricier than basic tools.
  • More features than needed for simple noise removal.


Flixier's website

Features: Flixier combines noise reduction with video editing tools, making it ideal for video podcasts and multimedia projects.


  • Free plan inclusive of 10 minutes of videos per month
  • Pro plan at $6 per month
  • Business plan at $12 per month


  • Good for video podcasts.
  • Combines audio and video editing.
  • Cloud-based, accessible anywhere.


  • Audio editing is secondary to video.
  • Can be overwhelming for audio-only users.
  • Free version has limited features.


AVS4YOU's website

Features: AVS4YOU offers a comprehensive suite of multimedia tools, including AVS Audio Editor which has noise reduction capabilities for audio files.


  • 1 year of product usage for $49 
  • Unlimited usage for $279
  • It also has a free version.


  • Wide range of multimedia editing tools.
  • Good for complex projects.
  • Supports various file formats.


  • Slow processing.
  • Can be complex for beginners.
  • Overkill for simple noise reduction tasks.

11. Abraia

Abraia's website

Features: Abraia focuses on batch processing, allowing efficient noise reduction across multiple files simultaneously.


  • $9 for 50 videos and 2,500 credit limit
  • $12 for 100 videos and 5,000 credit limit
  • $18 for 200 videos and 10,000 credit limit


  • Efficient for batch processing.
  • Saves time on multiple files.
  • Good for consistent audio quality across episodes.


  • Can be complex for first-time users.
  • Overwhelming for simple, one-off tasks.
  • Limited individual file customization.

12. CrumplePop SoundApp

Crumplepop's website

Features: This professional-grade tool offers detailed noise reduction options, catering to high-end audio editing needs. It can remove multiple types of sound from wind, pops, rustles, and traffic.


  • Starter plan is free, but limited in terms of noise removal
  • Full range of noise fixes is at $29 monthly
  • There’s also a one-time perpetual license at $599


  • High-quality, professional results.
  • Detailed editing options.
  • Ideal for advanced users.


  • Expensive for hobbyists.
  • Steeper learning curve.
  • More features than necessary for basic needs.

13. Krisp

Krisp's website

Features: Krisp is known for its real-time noise cancellation, perfect for live recordings and online meetings.


  • Free plan with a limit of 60 minutes
  • Paid plan billed at $14 monthly per user with unlimited noise, background voice, and echo cancellation


  • Excellent for live recordings.
  • Real-time noise cancellation.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limited offline editing features.
  • Free version has usage limits.
  • Primarily designed for voice calls.

14. iZotope RX10

iZotope's website

Features: iZotope RX10 is an industry-standard tool offering advanced noise reduction and audio repair capabilities for professional-grade projects.


  • RX10 Elements costs $99
  • RX10 Standard costs $399
  • RX10 Advanced costs $1,199


  • Industry-standard audio quality.
  • Advanced noise reduction and repair.
  • Comprehensive set of audio tools.


  • High cost.
  • Requires technical expertise.
  • Overly complex for basic podcast needs.

What Is the Best Tool to Remove Background Noise From Audio?

The "best" noise removal software depends on your specific needs, budget, and technical expertise. For beginners, or are great starting points. Professionals might lean towards iZotope RX10 or CrumplePop SoundApp for their advanced features.

The bottom line is the right noise remover tool can elevate your podcast from good to great. By considering your unique requirements and experimenting with some of these tools, you can find the perfect fit to ensure your podcast is in tiptop condition.

Done with audio editing and noise removal? Consider dropping your file in Deciphr AI. Generate 10+ content from your podcast in minutes.