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Make Light Work of Your Podcasting Problems With These 8 AI-Powered Tools

June 11, 2024 Deciphr AI
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Podcasting is a journey lined with stumbling blocks. Recently, we ventured into the bustling forums of Reddit and found eight of the most pressing problems that plague the podcasting community today from podcasters all over the experience scale. 

From these real-life confessions, we've unearthed AI-powered tools that solve your podcasting pains. Here’s a suite of AI-driven solutions that could revolutionize your podcasting journey—with each recommendation poised to tackle your biggest hurdles from content planning to audio editing: 

Problem 1: Crosstalk and Filler Words

As podcasters, we know the struggle of a convoluted recording laden with "um's," "ah's," and other filler words. Throw in some problematic crosstalk, and you've got a post-production nightmare. 

"I am new in the podcast space," shares a Reddit user, " paranoia with the um's, ah's and filler words during the edits... Crosstalk is another issue I face too... I wish I can remove most if not all of them... but that would just make the podcast sound very unnatural and choppy. Thoughts?

So, what’s the best way to get rid of the “um’s” and “ah’s” without spending days meticulously post-processing your audio?

Enter Auphonic, an AI-powered solution that's here to tackle these issues head-on. 

Auphonic is an automatic audio post-production tool that manages and optimizes levels for speech volumes, music, and background noise. It can intelligently handle your crosstalk issues and manage those filler words without making your podcast sound unnatural. 

Think of it this way—it's like having a sound engineer on your team, without the hefty price tag.

Problem 2: Getting Overwhelmed With Prep Work

Podcasting isn't all glamor and glory. Behind every episode lies hours of meticulous prep work. 

One Reddit user echoes this sentiment: "Doing all the needed prep work... sometimes the amount of work that I put on my own shoulders is too much..."

The solution?

ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, serves as your virtual assistant for podcast preparation. This AI chatbot can help you outline your episodes, brainstorm creative ideas, and even draft your script. With ChatGPT, you can delegate some of your prep work, leaving you more time to focus on your content and your listeners.

Problem 3: Not Being Happy With Your Voice

The sound of one's own voice can often become a point of self-consciousness. One podcaster shares, "I don't like to listen to my own voice... That's also discouraging me."

Eleven Labs developed an AI-based solution for this very issue. Their voice cloning technology lets you alter the tonal quality of your voice without making it sound unnatural or robotic. 

By tweaking your audio output, you can achieve a voice that you're proud of and willing to share with your listeners!

Problem 4: Editing Audio 

Editing can be an uphill battle, especially when you're unfamiliar with the technicalities involved. A Reddit user shares this frustration: "I know how to edit to make my podcast sound better, but I don’t know what I’m actually doing. For example, I compress my audio, even though I don’t know what compressing does."

Podcastle provides a workaround to podcasting challenges like these. 

It helps streamline your editing process, offering automated solutions for common audio problems like track leveling and echo reduction. With Podcastle, you can confidently edit your podcast episodes, regardless of your level of technical expertise.

Problem 5: Choice Dilemmas in Planning Content

Having a choice paralysis can be a real roadblock when planning your podcast content. As a Reddit user aptly puts it, "Getting started. I can’t commit to any of the ideas I have or how to post them once I do. I’m intimidated by all the options..."

Hyperwrite, an AI-powered writing assistant, can help you overcome these decision-making dilemmas. It aids in structuring your thoughts, organizing your ideas, and even suggesting content based on your input. 

Problem 6: Gathering Insights

Lack of feedback from listeners can be frustrating. As one podcaster shares, "It's hearing from listeners... I've never heard from someone outside of my previous contacts that they are listening or what they think."

Buzzsprout has integrated AI analytics to track listener behavior and provide actionable insights. It helps you understand where your listeners come from, what episodes they like, and how long they listen. With these insights, you can create more engaging content tailored to your audience's preferences.

Problem 7: Researching For Podcast Content

Every seasoned podcaster knows the importance of thorough research. However, it can be a time-consuming process. One Reddit user shares, "The only struggle with doing the show is finding time to research... I have more than enough topics it's just a matter of reading them and writing up the notes."

Perplexity AI is an AI research assistant that can streamline this process for you. It uses natural language understanding to scour the internet, summarize articles, and present you with the most relevant information. By delegating your research to Perplexity AI, you can focus more on your content delivery and less on manual research.

Problem 8: Struggling to Repurpose Content 

With all the episodes you’ve recorded by now, you have lots of opportunities to repurpose your content and get more mileage out of your episodes.

But here’s the problem: finding the time to repurpose episodes AND keep them compliant with guidelines across all platforms is easier said than done.

One Redditor confesses, “We spend SO much time trying to create marketing materials such as newsletters, bit-sized audio chunks, and summaries of our episodes!!

After each episode we relisten to it to pick out 3-4 key points where our guest says something very insightful, we then record the timestamps and send them to our sound engineer to make some short-form content (video file with an image of our guest, their quote in the background, and subtitles) we can share on our social media.

This takes up a lot of time though as we need to constantly sift through the episode trying to find key moments. It's the same story for newsletters as well when we try to go through multiple podcasts and pick out key sentences that are relevant to the newsletter topic.

Well, here’s where Deciphr AI, a content generation tool, can help with hurdles like these. 

With Deciphr AI, you can start generating show notes, timestamps, pulled quotes, accurate transcripts, articles, audiograms, and video reels in a flash. All you’ll need to do is upload an audio file or text transcript of the episode you need content for! 

If you’re looking to upscale your marketing by making the most out of what you already have, this AI-powered tool can speed up your content creation process.

Final Words

As we've seen, the challenges of podcasting are manifold—crosstalk, content planning, editing, voice issues, research, gathering insights, and, of course, the pressure of creating compelling content consistently. But every problem has a solution, and in this digital age, AI-powered tools are stepping up to offer those solutions.

AI tools like Auphonic, ChatGPT, Eleven Labs, Podcastle, Hyperwrite, Buzzsprout, Perplexity AI, and Deciphr AI are more than just technological novelties. They're invaluable assets that can streamline your podcasting journey.

In the grand scheme of things, we're all here to tell our stories. And now, thanks to AI, we have a little extra help to make our voices heard, loud and clear.