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How to Maximize Your Professional Subscription (+ 7 Tips!)

July 11, 2024 Deciphr AI
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By now, you've got a loyal audience that loves your content—and they're hungry for more. 

They're not just looking for a quick snack; they want a full-course meal every time they come to your platform. 

They want depth, they want insights, and they want stories that stick. 

Now, as a content creator, this means you're in a pretty unique spot. On one hand, it's fantastic that your audience wants more from you since they’re enjoying everything that you’ve been working hard on. On the other hand…

It's a bit overwhelming, isn't it?

How do you keep up with this rising demand, ensure that every piece of content you produce is as good as the last (if not better)—and, more importantly:

How do you do all of this without burning out or feeling like you're just repeating yourself?

Now, here's where things get interesting.

Imagine having a tool, a partner really, that understands this challenge. A solution that's been crafted to help you meet the demands of your audience without compromising on the quality or authenticity of your content. 

That's what the Deciphr AI Professional subscription is all about. 

With this subscription tier, you’re elevating your Deciphr AI and stepping closer to experiencing its full potential—giving your process the powerful content creation team it needs to meet the needs of your audience. 

Let’s go over everything you need to know about the Professional Plan to learn more about how it can help you scale your content production efforts.

What is Professional?

Deciphr AI's Professional subscription is meticulously crafted to ensure that your content stands out, resonating with the audience it’s created for. With features that cater specifically to the needs of dedicated creators, this plan will ensure that you have the solutions you need to make more content that stands out and delivers value at a level that can’t be found elsewhere. 

Here’s what you need to know about this subscription tier.

The Basics

The essence of the Professional subscription lies in its comprehensive content suite and additional features—providing you a toolkit that will let you deliver quality content as frequently as your audience wants you to. Here are the upgrades you can expect with this tier:

  • Audiograms: Get 5 audiograms for each of your file uploads.
  • Video Reels: Generate up to 5 highlight reels from your content.
  • AI Face Tracking: Precise video clips with AI-driven face tracking.
  • Auto Video Splicing: Segment your video effortlessly with our AI tool.
  • Live Captions: Engage audiences with real-time captioning. 

With the Professional subscription, you unlock a higher level of Deciphr’d content—adding engaging visual content and cutting-edge features to your already-expansive posting repository of text-based content.

The Price

Access to the Professional subscription is pegged at $69/month—or $64/month, if you’re paying yearly.

While some might see a price tag, it’s better to see it as an investment: an opportunity to build a content creation process that’s streamlined, efficient, and of the highest quality. And by upgrading, you’re giving your audiences exactly what they’re looking for in a fraction of the time and effort it usually takes—saving countless hours on ensuring that every piece of content you produce is nothing short of exceptional.

On Upload Allowance

In the world of content, limitations can be stifling. 

But with the Professional plan, limits are removed almost completely.

With your subscription, you're provided with a generous 240 minutes of content every single month—fitting your process with a professional-level allowance that lets you do more. And the files? They can be as massive as 5GB in size. 

To put that into perspective, that's an entire series of intricate interviews or daily episodes for an entire month. 

Amazing? More like expected—after all, this is the Professional subscription.

Even More Features

While the foundational features of the Professional plan are impressive enough as it is, there's more beneath the surface. Dive deeper, and you'll discover tools designed to amplify your content’s impact. 

Audiograms, for instance, provide bite-sized audio snippets perfect for social media, offering potential listeners a tantalizing taste of your content. Then there are video reels, adding a visual dimension that can captivate and draw in even more listeners. 

These features are built and generated to elevate your brand, making light work of your need to stand out in crowded feeds and keep your audiences satisfied. 

The Professional plan is a holistic approach to content creation that focuses on understanding the needs of evolving content creators—while providing tools that not only meet, but exceed those needs.

7 Tips to Maximize Your Deciphr AI Professional Subscription

Whether it's through written words, captivating visuals, or immersive audio, Deciphr AI’s Professional subscription equips you with all the tools you need to engage, inspire, and convert through your content. 

But, the question remains: how do you harness its full potential? 

To help you experience the full extent of the Professional tier’s capabilities, here are a few tips that can help you go further in keeping your audiences satisfied whenever they come back for more.

Tip #1: Diversify Content Formats with Article Writer

With Deciphr AI's Article Writer feature, you can seamlessly convert your audio, video, and text files into detailed, engaging blog posts. 

Using this feature to create a high-value writeup doesn’t only allow you to cater to audiences that prefer reading over watching, but it also boosts your online visibility. By diversifying your content, you're essentially opening multiple doors for potential followers to find your pages or podcasts, ensuring that they can access your content in a format they prefer. 

It's a strategy that amplifies reach and ensures that your message resonates far and wide—and the Article Writer feature helps you do it easier!

Learn more about this Deciphr AI feature here.

Tip #2: Promote Your Episode for a Whole Month

The key to successful content marketing is sustained engagement—and the expanded content suite that you get with Deciphr AI’s Professional subscription tier helps you keep up. 

Instead of releasing all your content simultaneously, adopt a phased approach where you can start with uploading your Deciphr’d quotes as a teaser. As days progress, release the show notes and use the social media captions, audiograms, and video reels you get in the content suite to keep the buzz alive.

This approach allows you to get the hang of maintaining a drip-feed strategy that ensures your content remains top-of-mind.

Tip #3: Harness Audiograms to Engage Short Attention Spans

Call it blunt, but it’s the truth: attention spans are fleeting in today’s digitally-driven day and age—and to capture and retain attention on platforms like social media, you need content that's both engaging and concise.

Audiograms serve this purpose perfectly. 

With these short audio snippets from your audio or video files, you can keep audiences with goldfish-esque attention spans hooked on your message by offering a quick glimpse into your full-length content.

Word for the wise: Audiograms act as teasers, enticing potential listeners to explore the entire pieces of content they’re taken from—so use them accordingly!

If you’re using the Professional subscription for your podcast, here’s a guide on how you can build full-fledged strategy with audiograms!

Tip #4: Engage with Video Reels

Speaking of the visual content that comes with the Professional subscription, here’s a tip for Deciphr AI's Video Reels.

Now, visual content has always had a magnetic pull—and with platforms like Instagram and TikTok becoming more popular than ever, they’ve become indispensable.

With the Video Reels you get from every upload, you can shape your content for quick consumption to highlight a pivotal moment or a captivating quote from your video files. 

So, if you want to draw in more eyes to your pages and content, use the dynamic nature of Deciphr AI’s video reels to offer a multi-sensory experience that lets your content stand out in a crowded feed. 

PS: Video reels are also highly shareable, so posting your Deciphr’d ones from your uploads increases your chances of content going viral!

Tip #5: Fine-Tune Your Written Content for SEO

The vastness of the internet means that discoverability is crucial—which means it’s important to double down on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

With Deciphr AI's content suite, you can seamlessly weave in relevant keywords into each piece of written content for search engines, achieving better SEO performance in the process. This proactive approach ensures that your podcast and associated content rank higher, driving organic, targeted traffic to your platform.

Tip #6: Repurpose Content

Innovation often lies in reimagining what already exists—and repurposing with the help of the Deciphr AI Professional subscription helps you achieve just that.

With a platform like ours, you can take existing content and mold it into different formats. For example, you can convert detailed transcripts into interactive Q&A sessions or transform concise show notes into visually appealing infographics. 

By repurposing content, you're not only maximizing your resources, you’re also offering fresh, varied content to your audience, keeping their engagement levels high.

All this while minimizing the effort and time it takes to come up with everything you need to pad your content calendar.

Tip #7: Feedback Loop

Growth is rooted in feedback. By inviting your listeners to share their thoughts on the content produced via Deciphr AI, you're opening a channel for continuous improvement. 

Feedback, be it praise or constructive criticism, offers insights into audience preferences, allowing you to refine your content strategy and ensure it resonates.

And with enough insights, you won’t only be able to understand what people want or expect to see from your content—you’ll get to learn more about how you can tweak your Deciphr AI-aided process!

With tools like Deciphr AI's Professional subscription, you get access to opportunities that help you meet the growing demand for your content. By implementing the tips we've discussed, you’ll ensure that every episode you craft, every voice note you record, and every webinar or session you capture resonates far and wide. 

Get More from Deciphr AI

You've seen the potential of the Professional plan. You've got the tools, the insights, and the strategies. Now, it's time to act—dive in, explore, and let Deciphr AI transform your podcasting journey.

And if you ever feel the need for even more features, remember: there's always the Enterprise tier, waiting to take your podcast to the next level.

Ready to experience the full power of Deciphr AI's Professional plan? Subscribe now and watch your podcast soar to new heights.