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How to Maximize Your Hobbyist Subscription (+ 7 Tips!)

June 11, 2024 Deciphr AI
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Every content creator, whether a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, knows the struggles of coming up with value for their audiences to gobble up. 

At this point, you’ve probably experienced the effects of the constant demand to produce more and churn out content that's not just good but exceptional, while doing it all at a pace that feels almost superhuman…

And it doesn’t help that the tools at your disposal often feel inadequate. 

Your current subscriptions and tools might be helpful now, but they come with their own set of limitations. And while they promised the world when you first started looking at them, they probably only delivered a fraction of what you expected—leaving you grappling with constraints that hinder your creativity. 

Whether it's the time restrictions, the lack of advanced features, or simply the inability to handle larger, more complex tasks, these limitations can be stifling. They become roadblocks on your journey to creating content that truly resonates at a frequency that you find yourself constantly striving for, but end up missing entirely.

What if there was a tool that could help you get past those limitations with an upgrade that won’t break the bank?

Well, that’s what you get with Deciphr AI's Hobbyist subscription.

With this upgrade, you’ll have a solution that understands your growing needs and that evolves with you by giving you the extended access and additional features to create more with less time needed.

But what makes the Hobbyist a much-needed upgrade for your content production needs? 

Let’s go over all you need to know about this Deciphr AI subscription tier.

What is the Hobbyist?

There's a moment in every creator's journey where they realize they've outgrown their starter tools. In your case, you've probably noticed that your current rotation of tools is holding you back from reaching your content goals—and by now, it's clear your setup has to have more advanced solutions that better match your growing needs. 

This is where Deciphr AI's Hobbyist subscription tier comes in as the answer you’re looking for.

The Basics

Set between the introductory Flexi Free and the more advanced Professional and Enterprise tiers, the Hobbyist plan is the perfect middle ground, tailored for creators who've outgrown Deciphr AI’s base plan—but aren't quite ready for the expansive offerings of the higher tiers. 

Apart from having the features that already come with the Flexi Free plan, the Hobbyist comes with additional features that allow you to create more content, more efficiently:

  • The Real-Time Content Editor
  • Deciphr AI 2.0 writing engine
  • In-App Audio Player
  • The AI Assistant
  • The Find & Replace tool 
  • Batch File Export
  • Auto Speaker Identification 
  • Audio Clean-Up

The Price

At just $29 a month (or $24 a month, when you pay for it yearly), the Hobbyist plan is an investment in your content's future, granting you access to additional features and extended limits that don’t come with the Flexi Free Plan. 

On Upload Allowance

One of the standout features that the Hobbyist subscription boasts is its generous upload allowance. 

When you upgrade to this plan, you’ll get 240 minutes of content generation capacity every month—that's a staggering four hours dedicated to bringing your ideas to life—and the flexibility it offers is unmatched.

Whether you're diving deep into an extensive interview, crafting a comprehensive webinar, or piecing together a detailed tutorial, the Hobbyist plan accommodates files that stretch up to 90 minutes and can weigh a hefty 1GB. 

With the Hobbyist subscription, you’ll have a tool that ensures that every nuance, every detail, and every idea gets the space it deserves.

Even More Features

The allure of the Hobbyist plan is that it's deeply rooted in the quality it promises, allowing it to work both with and for you whenever you create content.

With the AI Assistant, for example, you're partnering with a virtual content expert that understands your unique voice and tailors content to mirror your brand's essence. The In-App Editor, on the other hand, is your personal content workshop, allowing you to chisel, refine, and perfect every word and every sentence, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your vision.

With the digital landscape becoming increasingly competitive, having a Deciphr AI Hobbyist subscription is a unique advantage. Thanks to the additional features and expanded limits, you can expect improved efficiency, enhanced content quality, and a more streamlined workflow—allowing you to put out more high-quality content, consistently.  

7 Tips to Maximize Your Hobbyist Subscription

Alright, you've taken the plunge and upgraded to Deciphr AI's Hobbyist. 


But let's be real for a second: having a new, upgraded tool is one thing—but squeezing every ounce of value out of it? That's where the magic happens. 

Ready to dive in and make the most of your Deciphr AI Hobbyist subscription? Here are seven tips to help you hit the ground running, care of our in-house content experts:

Tip #1: Master the AI Assistant

The AI Assistant is a tool designed to elevate your content creation process. It helps to think of it as having a seasoned content writer, with years of experience, sitting right next to you. 

When you're aiming to add a touch of wit or humor to your show notes, the AI Assistant doesn't just randomly insert jokes. It analyzes the context, understands the subject matter, and then crafts a line that's both relevant and engaging. The same goes when you're trying to condense a lengthy podcast into a tweet thread, where it identifies key points, ensures the essence is captured, and then presents it in a format tailored for Twitter's audience. 

It's this intricate process of understanding, adapting, and delivering that makes the AI Assistant indispensable in upgrading your content creation routine—so use it as often as you can!

Want to get more out of the AI Assistant? Check out this guide on how you can maximize it!

Tip #2: Make Your Content Publish-Ready ASAP With the In-App Editor

First drafts are the foundation, but true excellence in content comes from refinement—this is where the In-App Editor comes in handy. 

With the In-App Editor, you can make the necessary tweaks to your content suite and ensure that it’s better-suited to your brand voice without leaving the Deciphr AI website. At the same time, you can align every caption, quote, Tweet Thread, article, summary, chapter, and show notes batch with your audience's preferences—allowing you to craft and refine publish-ready content more efficiently.

Tip #3: Treat the Content Suite As a Full Strategy Instead of Just a Repository of Options

The Hobbyist subscription offers a diverse and engaging content suite for you to use—but it's the strategic use of this suite that drives results. 

For instance, use your Deciphr'd show notes to highlight key insights, draw attention to pivotal moments, and offer readers a roadmap of the podcast. At the same time, you can treat the social media captions generated from your uploads as additional tools for grabbing attention and drawing in traffic across multiple platforms to your show notes and the file you upload. 

The content suite you get on the Hobbyist subscription, all in all, provides an opportunity to build a strategy weaving a narrative across platforms—so treat it as such. 

Tip #4: Tailor Your Content for Different Platforms

Every digital platform has its unique language, audience, and content dynamics. 

A detailed, introspective blog post, for example, might be perfect for Medium but would drown in the fast-paced streams of Twitter—fortunately, this is where the AI Assistant's adaptability shines. 

Try this out: when converting a Deciphr’d file’s article into one-off Tweets, you can use the AI Assistant to identify core points, craft engaging teasers, and ensure each iteration is a standalone piece of value—while collectively telling a larger story. 

You can also try this out with your chapters, for example, by prompting the AI Assistant to turn them into SEO-forward headers for your blogs or convenient, straight-to-the-point timestamps for your YouTube videos!

Tip #5: Get More With the Extended Upload Allowance

The extended upload allowance in the Hobbyist plan provides one thing you won’t find with most tools out there: an opportunity to diversify and deepen your content.

With the ability to upload longer files, consider branching out into more comprehensive content pieces—like:

  • Deep-Dive Interviews: Instead of sticking to the usual 30-minute chats to conform with the Deciphr AI upload allowance limit on Flexi Free, branch out to more in-depth interviews that will fit into the Hobbyist plan’s extended upload allowance. You can use the extra room to delve deep into subjects so you can offer your audience richer insights and more detailed discussions with your Deciphr’d content.
  • Multi-Part Series: Use the extended allowance as extra room for longer recordings that have more complex topics. You can break this into a series so that each segment has a Deciphr AI content suite of its own. This not only makes the content more digestible but also keeps your audience coming back for more.

Tip #6: Optimize for SEO Without Losing Authenticity

In the digital age, visibility is essential for success—and for content, visibility often translates to search engine optimization (SEO). But, the problem is that traditional SEO practices can sometimes make content sound robotic or inauthentic. 

Fortunately, this is where Deciphr AI's nuanced content generation comes into play. 

Instead of stuffing keywords or following rigid SEO templates, use the AI Assistant to naturally integrate keywords into your content.

The result? Content that not only ranks well on search engines but also resonates with real human readers. It's a balance of science and art, ensuring that your content is discoverable without compromising its authenticity.

Tip #7: Experiment with Different Content Formats

The beauty of Deciphr AI lies in its versatility. 

While you might have a preferred content format, don't shy away from experimenting with others. If you've been focused on blog posts, try branching out into podcast show notes or social media captions. 

Each format offers unique engagement opportunities and reaches different audience segments. For instance, a well-crafted social media caption can drive traffic to your main content piece, while detailed show notes can enhance podcast listener engagement. 

By diversifying your content portfolio with Deciphr AI, you won’t only expand your reach but also cater to varied audience preferences—ensuring a broader and more engaged readership.

With tools like Deciphr AI's Hobbyist subscription and the strategies outlined above, you're equipped with a compass that points towards content excellence. By mastering the features at your disposal, staying adaptable, and continuously refining your approach based on insights and feedback, you’ll position yourself at the forefront of impactful content creation. 

Get More from Deciphr AI

You've seen what the Hobbyist subscription can do, delved into its features, and explored its capabilities—and hopefully, with the tips above, you're on your way to maximizing its potential. 

The journey with Deciphr AI's Hobbyist subscription is just the beginning. Dive in, experiment, refine, and watch as your content transforms from good to exceptional. 

But remember, the world of Deciphr AI doesn't end with Hobbyist. If you find yourself craving more, there's always the Professional and Enterprise tiers waiting for you when you need to scale a bit more, packed with even more features and capabilities.

Ready to see the magic of the Hobbyist subscription for yourself? Subscribe for an upgrade here and experience what it’s like to achieve your content goals with Deciphr AI’s content suites on a larger scale!