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Here’s Why Being Inefficient Is Dangerous (and What Deciphr AI Can do to Help You Avoid It)

June 11, 2024 Deciphr AI
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Let’s get this out of the way: podcasters and agencies are under even more stress nowadays to provide quality content that keeps their audiences and clients coming back for more…

And here’s the kicker: most, if not all, of the people who gobble up the content want it almost instantly, as often as possible.

Now, it’s no secret that the quest for consistent, high-quality, and engaging content is a constant challenge in the realms of podcasting and agency content creation. And with more effective, impactful, and visually-stunning engaging assets flooding timelines and feeds around the world, it’s clear that high-quality is the status quo.

While the average user’s penchant for high-quality content is as established as can be, their growing demand for getting it often signals a key trend podcasters and agencies need to note.

Long gone are the days where people are willing to wait weeks to months (or even days) for the engaging content they go and stay online for. This becomes even more apparent considering that the average user’s attention span is less than 8 seconds nowadays—which means that getting someone’s attention is one thing, and keeping them hooked with more is an entirely different experience.


But, even if it’s clear that creating great content regularly can help take your podcast or agency to the next level, there’s just one problem in the way (and you’re probably struggling with it right now): 


The traditional process of content creation is best described a multi-step journey that begins with brainstorming unique ideas, followed by drafting, revising, editing, and finally, publishing. Each step is crucial, demanding a significant investment of time, effort, and creativity.

However, the truth about the content creation process is that it’s often riddled with inefficiencies. 

We’re talking about the usual suspects that hold you back from hitting that sweet spot of quality and frequent consistency:

  • Time constraints
  • Budget limitations 
  • Indecisiveness

Aside from being stressful to deal with, all these things can take a toll on your podcast or agency and it’s ability to deliver quality consistently.

When it persists, inefficiency in your content creation process can lead to significant costs that can put you in a rut that gets harder to escape the longer you stay in it.

Fortunately, having the necessary awareness about all these expenses and using the right tools—like Deciphr AI—to turn things around makes pulling your podcast or agency out of a cost-filled sinkhole easier. 

Wait—What Are These “Costs” in the First Place?

When it comes to content creation, there are three related costs of inefficiency—and, on the other hand, “savings of efficiency”—that podcasters and agency owners need to be aware of. Time, financial, and workflow expenses can either bring benefits or disadvantages depending on how much you minimize them when you create articles, transcripts, show notes, audiograms, and the like. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when running podcasts or agencies is that they aren’t working on their content creation efficiency as often as they should… which means that they rack up the costs and put their operations at risk. However, simply being aware of these expenses helps a ton when it comes to minimizing them with the right tools and strategies.

If you find yourself spending way too much time on making show notes for a podcast episode or prepping an article for your client, you’re incurring these three costs:

Time Costs

Time, as they say, is money—and in the world of podcasting and agency content creation, it's a currency that's often in short supply. 

The traditional, manual content creation process starts with brainstorming for a big idea in the form of a topic that's fresh, relevant, and engaging enough to capture your audience's attention. And once you've nailed down a topic, you move on to drafting over and over until you get a semblance of the “next big thing” that can help put your agency or podcast on the map.

But it doesn’t stop at the final draft.

Near the tail-end of your content creation process comes editing—the “necessary evil” in the timeline that pushes you to refine and polish your draft until it shines. You might not realize it now, but all the work you put into finding tiny errors and inconsistencies that can turn a mediocre piece of content into a great one can easily eat up days or hours of your time.

And then you do all of this over and over again for every other piece of content.

The outcome?

You get to put out great pieces of content—but it takes you anywhere from days to weeks to churn out a single output each time. 

See, creating high-quality content can often be a time-consuming process for podcasters and agency owners, no matter how quickly they aim to do it. In fact, here are some statistics and insights on the time spent on content creation for both podcasters and agency owners that show just how large the time costs with content get:

What if there was a way to break free from this time-consuming cycle? Well, this is where Deciphr AI comes in. 

With its automated content creation features, Deciphr AI cuts out the hold-ups and sheer time costs that come with manually making content.

Through cutting-edge AI-powered systems and a leading content-focused approach, it allows you to generate transcript-based content suites in a few minutes or less. That's less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Think about it: instead of spending hours on content creation, you could be done in minutes. The difference is stark and undeniable, and the time savings podcasters and agency owners can get from it is immense. 

Take the case of a podcaster who used to spend an average of 5 hours per episode on content creation. That's 5 hours of brainstorming, drafting, editing, and publishing. 5 hours that could have been spent on other aspects of their podcast, like audience engagement.

After switching to Deciphr AI, they were able to reduce this time to just a few minutes. It's like they found a magic wand that could do all the work for them. And the best part? 

The quality of their content didn't suffer—in fact, it improved.

Financial Costs

Let's talk about the elephant in the room—the financial burden of content creation. 

It's no secret that producing quality content comes with a hefty price tag because of all the additional tools you’d have to get when going by the traditional approach. From hiring skilled writers, editors, graphic designers, SEO specialists, and social media managers to investing in additional apps, the cost of producing great output often bears an eye-watering cost.

There’s no denying that getting talented humans to render talented work leads to great content—but, before you know it, you'll end up juggling multiple payments that add up to a significant monthly expense.

Unfortunately, taking the traditional route while adapting to modern standards for publishing frequency makes for a process that’s hard for podcasters and agencies to financially maintain. Just to put it into perspective, here are a few statistics that show just how costly doing things the old-fashioned way really is:

Imagine a scenario where you could consolidate these costs.

That's where Deciphr AI comes into play.

With its subscription model, you get access to a suite of features for a fixed monthly fee, depending on the kind of package you get. Instead of paying multiple people and services to get what you need, Deciphr AI provides transcript generated-content, content output regeneration, and more—all under one roof, with one (affordable) recurring cost.

When you start comparing the costs, the savings become evident.

Consider an agency that was previously spending a small fortune each month on content creation. They were hiring writers, buying tools, and spending hours managing it all.

After subscribing to Deciphr AI, they not only significantly reduced their content creation costs, but also improved the quality and consistency of their outputs.

They traded in their old, cost-hungry operational framework for a more streamlined solution that delivers more efficiency and more quality—all while cutting financial expenses down. 

Workflow Costs

In a traditional content creation process, you're likely juggling multiple tools.

One for brainstorming and organizing ideas, another for drafting and editing, yet another for SEO optimization—and just when you think the list is done, there comes the assortment of platforms for publishing and promotion. 

It might sound crucial to have a wide range of tools at first, but the reality is that having a fragmented approach with your tools can lead to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in the content creation process.

And when you keep running with the mindset of “the more, the merrier”, you end up incurring a whole lot of debt in one department: Workflow costs.

To better illustrate the effect:

Now, imagine if you could have all the tools you need in one place…

No need to daydream, though, this is exactly what Deciphr AI can do for podcasts and agencies.

You won’t have to worry about switching between different tools or platforms; everything you need is housed under one roof—or in this case, one platform.

This unified approach leads to a more efficient workflow that helps build a smoother, faster content creation process and a more consistent output.

Let's take the example of a podcaster who was previously using different tools for each step of the content creation process. They had one tool for generating transcripts from their podcast episodes, another for creating blog posts and social media content from those transcripts, and yet another for publishing and promoting that content.

It was a fragmented process that wasn’t only time-consuming, but also often led to inconsistencies in their final output.

With Deciphr AI, they were able to upload their transcripts, generate content, and even manage their content output regeneration all within the same platform.

The result? A streamlined workflow that saved them time and resulted in a more consistent and higher quality output.

Final Words

In the realm of podcasting and agency content creation, the challenges are many, but the solutions are few. The traditional content creation process is time-consuming, costly, and fraught with inefficiencies. But with Deciphr AI, you have a tool that can transform this process, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and streamlined.

Deciphr AI's automated content creation features, cost-effective subscription model, and comprehensive content suite are designed to address the specific challenges faced by podcasters and agency owners. Real-life examples and case studies have shown how Deciphr AI can save time, reduce costs, and improve workflow efficiency.

So, if you're a podcaster or agency owner looking for a solution to your content creation woes, why not consider Deciphr AI? With its range of features and benefits, Deciphr AI offers a compelling value proposition. Take the first step towards a more efficient and effective content creation process by exploring Deciphr AI's paid plan options today.