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Here’s How You Can Maximize Your Deciphr AI Subscription

June 13, 2024 Deciphr AI
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So, you've finally started your journey with Deciphr AI on our Flexi Free plan. 

After finding it online and getting familiar with how it works, you’re convinced that you can’t live without it anymore—and we can’t blame you, it saves all of us a LOT of time on content writing tasks, too.

At this rate, you’re juicing every episode you’ve ever made, uploading 40-minute-long files once a month just to experience the sweet, sweet magic of having a full written content suite in less than 7 minutes.

And then, it finally settles in: you want more content…

More minutes…

More Deciphr AI. 

Understandably, getting hit with an out-of-credits alert gets pretty annoying after some time and only makes you want to experience the magic again…

But eventually, that craving for lightning-quick quality content convinces you that you can’t wait for the next month when your minutes replenish anymore.

Luckily, those hunger pangs for immersive articles, engaging show notes, and stunning audiograms can be a thing of the past because we’ve got plans fit for you. 

Whether you’re a hobbyist…


Or even part of an enterprise…

There's a plan out there that’s perfectly matched for your need for more Deciphr AI. 

Let’s take look at all the other things Deciphr AI has to offer—and, more importantly, how you can get even more value at every price point:

What Exactly Do You Get From Deciphr AI?

By now, we’re all fully aware that creating content from audio files is a challenge. 

To create assets and pieces that help take your podcast or brand further, you’ll need to invest a lot of time (or even money) to turn your audio into transcripts. And the time and financial costs ramp up even further when you create summaries, show notes, identify timestamps, create social media content, pull quotes, audiograms, video reels, and a blog article just to give your episode the promotion it deserves.

That’s a week’s worth of work right there and hundreds to thousands of dollars spent every month alone.

But what if we told you that Deciphr AI can do all of that at a mere fraction of the cost, and at a much quicker time (7 minutes or less, if we’re being precise)?

To give you a better idea of what we can get out of your audio, video, and text files, here’s a rundown of what you can expect to see in a Deciphr AI-generated content suite:

  • Written Content (available for all plans): Show Notes, Summaries, SEO Articles, Transcripts, Chaptered Timestamps, Quotes, Social Media Captions, and Tweet Threads
  • Media Content (available for Professional and Enterprise plans): all written content plus Audiograms and Video Reels

Now that you know what types of content Deciphr AI can automatically generate for you, let’s dive deep into the four available plans you can get to build the ultimate experience:

Flexi Free

Imagine getting a week’s worth of writing work done in under 7 minutes and not needing to pay for it.

Sounds like a bit of a pipe dream, we know… 

But that’s exactly what we’re going for with our forever free Flexi Free plan. 

With this plan, you’ll have access to cutting-edge, AI-powered tools that significantly reduce the time you spend writing about your already-recorded episode. That means you can have more time planning new ones!

Now, if you want to make the most out of it, here's how you can maximize your Flexi Free plan:

  • Upload up to 40 minutes of audio: Got a 40 minute episode? How about 4 10-minute episodes? The Flexi Free plan supports up to 40 minutes of upload time every month, so max out your monthly free allocation to really juice the perks of Deciphr-ing your content!

  • Plan multiple weeks’ worth of social media content: Each content suite comes with 10 quotes, 1 Tweet thread, and 4 caption options per social media platform, so you’ll have enough content to fill up your followers’ feeds for weeks.

  • Are your episodes too long for an upload? Use 5 text transcripts instead: If you have transcripts on hand in .txt, .doc, or .docx files for your episodes, upload them to Deciphr AI so you get a full content suite for five files—how about that for value?


Let’s be honest: the Flexi Free plan is amazing in its own right.

But, sooner or later, you’ll definitely end up wanting a little more when it comes to what Deciphr AI can do with your media files. 

Don’t fret, though—that's where the Hobbyist plan comes in. 

The Hobbyist gets you everything from the Flexi Free plan plus so much more.

Here’s how you can maximize the Hobbyist plan and turn things up a notch:

  • Plan to make months-worth of content with extended upload limits: With the Hobbyist plan, you’ve got an upgraded maximum upload limit of 240 minutes all-in-all per month—that’s 6X the minutes, and 6X the possibilities compared to the Flexi Free. Now that you’ve got more upload time, you can focus on creating high-value text, audio, and video content with a roomier credit budget. This is perfect for podcasters who want to grow their listenership and reach a wider audience.
  • Keep all of your files on Deciphr AI, so you can find everything in one place: More upload time isn’t the only upside of upgrading to the Hobbyist plan. You also get more flexibility to make the most out of your episodes, which means that you’ll be able to manage all your text, video, and audio files in one place—making your workflow smoother and more efficient.
  • Spend less time manually editing output—use the AI Assistant instead: Deciphr AI comes up with engaging and effective content—but it’s understandable to feel like some of the stuff you get needs a little bit more tweaking. If you feel like changing something about an output (or multiple), The Hobbyist plan comes with the AI Assistant that makes revisions for you based on what you ask of it! 

The Hobbyist plan is a great stepping stone to experiencing the full potential of Deciphr AI—it comes with extended limits and additional features that elevate your experience.

And just like Flexi Free, you can use the Pay As You Go (PAYG) option to add and customize your minutes. 

Or, you can upgrade to the next plan to get a more value-per-buck option. 


If having a personal assistant for your content sounds good, imagine having a dedicated team in your corner—that's what the Professional plan is all about. 

The Professional plan is designed for creators who are ready to take their content creation to the next level. And with this upgrade, you’re not just getting more features—you’re upgrading your process with opportunities to streamline your workflow and maximize your content's impact.

Here's what the Professional plan brings to the table (and what you can do to make the most out of it):

  • Start planning for a year’s worth of content, since there are no upload limits: As with every upgrade, the Professional plan has all the content creation and AI Assistant features from the Hobbyist and Flexi Free—but this time, there are no limits for the length of your uploads per month. And, the maximum file size, per file is a whopping 5GB.  
  • Add Deciphr AI-generated audiograms and video reels to your social media posts: Looking to stand out and stop scrolls? With the Professional plan, you don’t just have writers in your team—you’ve got editors, too! Your audio and video file uploads can now transform into audiograms and video reels with a few clicks, in just a few minutes!

The Professional plan gives you the full immersive content creation experience, making Deciphr AI your one-stop shop for everything you need content-wise. 

If you’re all about seeing Deciphr AI’s full potential, there’s one last option that’s perfect for you:

Enterprise (Contact Us for Pricing)

The Enterprise plan is another step-up from the Professional plan. 

You still get the advanced content suite generation capabilities, but this time—there are absolutely no limits.

Compared to all the other plans, the real distinction of the Enterprise plan lies in the exclusive features and add-ons that come with it, like:

  • Content Search Engine: Imagine having your own Google, but it's just for your content. With the Enterprise plan, you get a powerful search engine that indexes your entire content library. Whether you're a podcaster with hundreds of episodes or a digital marketing agency with a vast portfolio, you can find and repurpose content in seconds. 
  • Bulk Processing: Deciphr AI is all about saving time. With the Enterprise plan, you save a whole lot more. The plan allows for bulk processing of audio and video files. This means you can upload and transcribe multiple files at once, freeing up more bandwidth for you or your team to do other important tasks.
  • Priority Support: As an Enterprise user, you receive priority support. This means faster response times and dedicated support to help you resolve any issues or answer any questions you might have.
  • Custom Workflows: Every business is unique, and so are your needs. With the Enterprise plan, you can customize your workflows to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need to integrate Deciphr AI with your existing systems or automate certain tasks, our team will work with you to create a solution that fits.
  • Unlimited Users: The Enterprise plan allows for unlimited users. This means your entire team, no matter how big, can collaborate and work together on the Deciphr AI platform.

With the Enterprise plan, Deciphr AI becomes more than just a cutting-edge, industry-leading AI tool—you get to build an entire department for your business, for a fraction of the cost (and a lot less stress). 

This expansion is perfect for high-demand users like large podcast networks and digital marketing agencies. 

If you want to explore the possibilities with the Enterprise plan, feel free to book a meeting with our team here

Get The Most Out Of Your Deciphr AI Subscription

Deciphr AI offers a range of plans to suit your needs, whether you're just starting out or running a large enterprise. 

By understanding the benefits of each plan, you can make an informed decision about which plan is right for you. Remember, though—the goal here isn’t to spend more, but to get more value from your Deciphr AI subscription. 

So, explore these options, find what’s best for you and your needs, and unlock the full power of Deciphr AI.