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Crafting Effective Show Notes: Why They Matter and How to Get Them Right

June 11, 2024 Deciphr AI
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The popularity of podcasts is on the rise. People worldwide are consuming audio content while on the move and thoroughly enjoying the experience. If you've made the decision to start a podcast this year, it's a smart move.

But here’s something you might not know: getting the most from your podcast isn’t just about the audio.

If you want your podcast to hit the big leagues, you need to publish your podcast show notes.

In this blog, we’ll share with you:

  • Fast statistics on podcasting
  • Compelling reasons to publish your show notes
  • Essential elements you should include in your show notes

Let’s get started…


Just how huge is the podcasting market? 

According to Edison Research, a staggering 209 million people in the US (that's 73% of the population!) listened to online audio in 2022. And, get this, half of the cool kids between 12-34 years of age are tuning into podcasts on a monthly basis!

But wait, there's more! In Australia, AdNews reports that podcasts reached over 9 million Aussies in 2022, a 54% increase from the previous year.

All this to say, podcasting is the real deal. With so many listeners relishing the ease of listening at home or on-the-go, Statista predicts that the podcasting audience will balloon to over 100 million by 2024.

Why Publish Show Notes

Here are the reasons why show notes have become an essential tool for both podcasters and their listeners.

It Summarizes The Episode

If you're wondering why show notes are important for podcasts, think of them like a book summary on the back cover. After all, would you buy a book without knowing what it's about? 

The same goes for podcasts. Unless you're a die-hard listener, new listeners will want to know what the episode is about before committing to listen.

Show notes are your chance to make a great first impression and entice listeners with a tantalizing preview of what's to come.

So, if you want to hook those new listeners, make sure your show notes are on point and give them a taste of the juicy information that awaits them in your podcast.

Give a brief summary of the episode's theme and highlight the main points you covered. Whether you use bullet points or short paragraphs, make it easy for your potential listeners to get an idea of what your podcast is all about.

If you have a guest on your show, give them a proper introduction by including a short bio. After all, your listeners want to know who they're listening to. 

And please, keep it short and sweet. Nobody wants to read an essay in the show notes.

It Boosts Your Podcast SEO

Is SEO really important? 

Well, imagine your podcast is a needle in a haystack and potential listeners are haystack seekers. While social media and ads can be helpful, search engines like Google remain a key tool for discovering new podcasts. So, if you want your podcast to be the star of the show, make sure it's SEO-optimized and easy to find.

The good news is that Google is now indexing podcast episodes. However, that doesn't mean you can sit back and relax. You still need to make sure your SEO game is strong.

Start by choosing your focus keywords for each episode and then sprinkle them naturally throughout the description. And don't forget to use your main keyword in the episode title, preferably at the beginning.

Let's be real. If your show notes consist of only a few words or worse, none at all, you're not doing yourself any favors. Without optimized episode titles and show notes, you're making it harder for listeners to find you and harder for your show to grow. 

Don't be that podcaster. Get your SEO game on point and let the world (or at least a few more people) discover your awesome podcast.

It Simplifies Content Creation 

Do you know how crucial it is to incorporate long-form content in your marketing approach? If you write posts exceeding 2,000 words, you can expect:

  • Increased online authority
  • Better search rankings
  • Improved viral potential
  • More social shares

The only issue with writing a 2,000-word blog post is it requires a significant amount of time and effort. You must dedicate yourself to researching, composing, and refining the post.

On the other hand, converting podcast show notes into a blog post is a simpler process.

Think of the show notes as a blog summary and simply expand on what it previews.

Research shouldn’t be too hard—you can repurpose what you already found while prepping for your podcast episode.

You can also take bits and pieces from the show notes and use it for social media or email marketing. It’s all about repurposing, baby!

It Helps Your Listeners

Publishing podcast show notes can be incredibly helpful for your listeners. Not all of them will have the time or ability to listen to your entire podcast, and even those who do may miss certain parts of the conversation.

By providing show notes, you offer a valuable resource that allows them to catch up on anything they might have missed.

In addition to providing a summary of the podcast, you can also highlight key points and create tweetable quotes to make it easier for your audience to share your content on social media. Show notes can even be useful for people with hearing impairments, making your podcast more accessible to a wider audience.

By taking the time to create detailed show notes, you can enhance your expertise and offer even more value to your audience. This can lead to increased subscriptions, more shares, and even more purchases, making it a valuable investment in the growth of your podcast.

It Improves Lead Generation

Are you using your podcast to reel in some new business? Of course, you are! But, have you optimized your podcast show notes to convert those leads?

One easy way to do this is by adding a call-to-action section in your show notes. This gives your listeners a handy spot to find all the links you mentioned, rather than relying on their memory. Because let's face it, as soon as the podcast ends, most of us forget everything that was said.

By providing a clear and concise call-to-action in your show notes, you increase the chances of your listeners following through on your requests.

So, separate the call-to-action from your episode description and make it stand out. 

What to Include in Show Notes

It’s time to spice up those bland podcast show notes! Don't bore your readers to death with just the minimum info. Let's add some wit and charm to your summaries!

To start off, give your readers a juicy sneak peek into what they can expect in the episode.

Who's on the show? Will there be a surprise guest appearance? Is the topic so hot it'll make their ears sizzle?

Next, highlight the key takeaways of the episode. But don't just give them a plain ol' list of points, put a little spark in there! Make it more engaging. Maybe even add a little humor to keep them chuckling along the way.

Remember, your show notes are like the icing on the cake. Make it delicious and enjoyable to read, and your listeners will keep coming back for more.

Feeling generous? Sprinkle in some useful links and resources that were mentioned in the podcast. Think of it as seasoning to add more flavor and value to your show notes. Don't forget to include subscription links for those hungry for more! If it’s relevant, you could even include affiliate links for some extra cash.

Finally, end with a sweet call to action. Encourage your readers to subscribe to your email list to stay in the loop about your podcast and any exciting updates. 

If you’re feeling extra, go beyond the show notes. Share some juicy sound bites from yourself or your guests that are just too good not to share. Give your readers a taste of the witty banter and insightful nuggets they can expect in the episode. And make sure those quotes are easy to share on social media to spread the word!

Bottom line: your show notes are like a five-star meal. Serve them up with a side of wit and charm, and your listeners will be begging for seconds!

Final Thoughts

Podcasts show notes may seem like a small detail, but they can make a big difference in the overall listening experience. 

So if you're a podcast creator, take the time to craft clear and concise show notes that do justice to your episode. 

And if you're a listener, don't overlook the humble show notes - they might just be the key to unlocking a world of podcasting knowledge. 

As they say, the devil is in the details, but in this case, it's the magic of podcasting!