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Castmagic vs Deciphr AI: What’s Better For Podcast Content Creation?

June 12, 2024 Deciphr AI
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At this point, it’s safe to assume that we're ALL on the hunt for the best tools to make our podcasting journey smoother, right? Think about it—it’s probably been a couple of months since you haven’t gone a day without thinking about whether you should subscribe to a new creative plan or pick up a new mic…

And we don’t blame you.

(After all, this is probably how you ended up on this guide as well.) 

When it comes to content creation, in particular, there are more tools than ever that are all ready to help you get more mileage out of your episodes—but some are made better for it than others. 

Eventually, you’ll find yourself deliberating between all sorts of options with different features that give you exactly what you need. After all the comparing, however, you’re bound to arrive at two final options: 

Castmagic and Deciphr AI. 

If you've found yourself caught at the crossroads between these two options and are detemined to make sure that you never have to spend hours racking your brain over making content ever again, you've come to the right place.

Let’s go over everything you need to know when choosing between Castmagic and Deciphr AI.

The Basics of Castmagic and Deciphr AI

About Castmagic

Castmagic was built to make content extraction simple. It’s a faster way to extract all the content from podcasts in one tool. They have features where podcasters can automate timestamps and topics, show notes, summaries, social content, and magic chat.

About Deciphr AI

Deciphr AI is known for its AI-powered content creation software that helps podcasters create content similar to Castmagic. However, Deciphr goes beyond by also crafting episode quotes, audiograms, video reels, blog articles, and episode transcripts—all in one click.

Deciphr AI’s Core Capabilities

Grasping Deciphr AI’s capabilities and the difference it can make in your podcast content creation and marketing process starts with understanding its core capabilities. While the list is growing (and has already grown over the past few months), the AI-powered solution is capable of performing six core tasks:

  • Content Suites: With Deciphr AI, you can generate summaries, show notes, key quotes, and timestamps for any transcript, audio, or video content in just a few minutes. All you’ll need to do is upload your file and get instant, post-worthy content in a few minutes.

  • Video Reels: For every upload you make, you can transform your single file into a collection of snappy, sensational reels in minutes with Deciphr AI's instant video reels feature.

  • Article Writer: Instead of spending hours hunched over your keyboard and racking your brain for a first sentence of many, Deciphr AI saves you time by writing content in a snap. Feel free to expand your content strategy’s power with top-notch articles in minutes, care of the platform’s instant writer feature.

  • Transcripts: Whenever you upload something to Deciphr AI, you automatically generate a high-quality transcript from your episode’s raw video or audio file every single time—a perfect avenue for accessibility and more content ideas to work with.

  • Audiograms: On Deciphr AI, you can turn your audio content into dazzling visuals in mere minutes with Deciphr AI's instant audiograms feature. You don't even need to spend hours learning cutting-edge programs or complicated steps.
  • Social Captions: Want to stand out online with words alone? Deciphr AI can generate engaging social media captions in minutes and enhance your digital presence just from a single file that you upload—taking a huge chunk out of your production timeline, in the process.

Why Deciphr AI Stands Out

Although Castmagic can deliver satisfactory output and help lighten your content creation load, Deciphr AI nearly takes everything off your plate and delivers output that’s unmatched in terms of quality. And to get a better idea of why the latter trumps the former and stands out as the tool you need to start using ASAP, here’s a quick rundown on why Deciphr stands out: 

Content Creation

What Castmagic offers:

  • Castmagic is known for providing multiple workspaces to guide the creation process

  • It produces newsletter copy for inviting their target audiences to listen to a podcast episode—or for sharing purposes

  • Castmagic also provides short posts for Instagram's new app, "Threads", where users can use 300 characters max for each post

What sets Deciphr AI apart:

  • It offers cross-platform support with .mp4 and .mp3 compatibility, filter word removal for clean content, and the AI Clip Finder for intelligent content selection—elevating QC measures

  • Deciphr AI also generates audiograms that can be listened to and downloaded. There are also multiple styles available such as wave, wire, pop, spark, tickle, pinball, dott, and electric, and timestamps are also provided for each audiogram

  • Based on quality and completeness, Deciphr AI provides more detailed and high-quality show notes with a summary, chapters with timestamps, and quotes

User Interaction

What Castmagic offers:

  • Enhances interaction with Magic Chat for real-time collaboration, Speaker Bio for detailed profiling, and Timestamps for precise content tracking

  • Comes with Agency Support for professional assistance, Episode Q&A for interactive engagement, and Titles & Keywords for SEO optimization

What sets Deciphr AI apart:

  • Facilitates user engagement with the In-App Content Editor, Transcript Review for accuracy, and proofreading for grammatical excellence

  • Offers 48 HRS Email Customer Support for prompt assistance, Content Library Search for quick retrieval, and Contact Sales for tailored solutions

  • Deciphr AI enables users to a one-click process to generate the data.

Advanced Functionality

What Castmagic offers:

  • The platform allows podcasters to submit a link to a YouTube video for instant importing (must be a public video)

  • Provides Unlimited Prompts for continuous creation, Agency Support for professional guidance, and Reel scripts for seamless video planning

  • Castmagic currently offers automatically generated Keywords based on the uploaded file. It can be copied and modified.

What sets Deciphr AI apart:

  • Deciphr AI offers a 90-minute max file length per Upload for extended content, Encryption Security for protected data, and Batch File Export for bulk processing

  • It simplifies the creation process with Auto Clean-Up of unwanted words and creates Live Captions for enhanced video engagement

  • Deciphr AI provides chapters with corresponding titles and timestamps, which can be helpful to identify each section and the topic focused on per chapter.  

Deciphr AI vs Castmagic features

Whether you seek basic content creation with Castmagic or high-quality output with Deciphr AI, the choice depends on your needs and quality preferences.

If you're after ordinary, Castmagic might do the trick.

But if you want content that shines, content that speaks quality, and content that feels like an extension of your very own editing team, then Deciphr AI is the way to go.

In the end, it's your content, your choice.

But remember, extraordinary is just a click away with Deciphr AI—try Deciphr AI now and make your content creation process a breeze!