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Spotlight on Caren Glasser: Accelerating Podcast Marketing with Deciphr AI

June 17, 2024 Deciphr AI
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"Deciphr has become a game changer for us. It allows us to repurpose all aspects of the show, making marketing so much easier." - Caren Glasser

Caren Glasser, a dynamic and vivacious personality, is the host of multiple videocasts and online shows that have amassed nearly 2 million views worldwide. Her shows, characterized by authentic and vulnerable conversations, have resonated with a global audience, creating a sense of community and shared experiences.

The Genesis of a Podcasting Powerhouse

Caren's foray into podcasting began in the early 90s, long before live streaming was a mainstream phenomenon. As a beloved cantor and clergywoman of the Jewish faith, she sought to bring temple services to congregants who were unable to attend in person due to health or mobility issues. Bouncing signals off satellites to broadcast the services sparked her passion for live streaming, which later laid the groundwork for her success in podcasting.

Fast forward to 2022, and Caren is at the helm of five podcasts: Caren Glasser Live, Uncorked Live, Minding Your Mental Health, The Author Spotlight, and Once Upon a Story Time. She is also the executive producer for Vitalcy, producing six different shows, each with about ten episodes. Her shows cater to a diverse audience, from women of a certain age to children's authors, and focus on topics ranging from mental health to business events.

One of her most memorable episodes, "Promises Promises," marked the finale of Season 2 and highlighted a new partnership with Hall Wine. This episode, like all others, was a testament to Caren's commitment to her audience and her ability to pivot and adapt based on their needs and interests.

Caren’s Podcast Marketing Challenge

Despite her success, Caren's podcasting journey hasn't been without challenges. Marketing, in particular, posed a significant hurdle.

For every episode, Caren produces a range of content, including show notes, timestamps, blog posts, audio clips, and more. However, the process of manually repurposing this content into different formats was a daunting task. 

Deciphr AI have made it much easier for her to get the word out and attract listeners. With its quick processing speed and AI algorithms, Caren could regenerate a single podcast episode into 10 different content types in just a few minutes, enabling her to automate a chunk of the marketing process. 

"Platforms like Deciphr have made it so much easier," she admits. By repurposing existing content, she has been able to maximize the value of her shows and cater to a diverse audience with varied preferences.

What sets Deciphr apart for Caren is its ability to not just transcribe, but also summarize and timestamp her shows. This feature is particularly useful for her blog posts, where she uses the summaries and chapters as a starting point for her writing. 

Calling herself a repurposing queen, Caren is a firm believer in the power of repurposing content. 

"I like to work smart, not hard, and I like to repurpose, repurpose, repurpose," she says.

Now, Caren can focus on what she loves most – engaging with her audience and creating more episodes that build a sense of community.

How Caren Uses Deciphr AI for Content Repurposing

Caren's podcast marketing strategy is a testament to her innovative approach and the robust capabilities of Deciphr AI. Here's how she leverages this tool to maximize her content's reach and impact.

Upload to Deciphr AI

Caren’s podcast episodes are uploaded to Deciphr AI, which processes a single recording in 7 minutes or less. One file upload is repurposed into 10 different content types, providing a content suite that Caren can tailor to fit her needs.

These are the 10 content types Deciphr AI automatically produces for her:

  1. Show Notes
  2. Summary
  4. Chapters
  5. Transcript
  6. Article
  7. Tweet Thread
  8. Captions
  9. Audiograms
  10. Video Reels

Create a Blog Post

One of the features Caren appreciates most about Deciphr is its ability to generate chapters from the recording. These chapters often serve as highlights in her blog posts.

"I really like the writing aspect of this because it's a great kicking off point for you. I am not a really good writer, so I just need something to get me going," she explains.

Using the content provided by Deciphr, she crafts a blog post, inserting her show in the middle for added engagement. The highlights, all derived from Deciphr, add depth and structure to her post.

“Everything that's here was brought forward in the Deciphr app, but then I was able to make it all mine.”

She also uses the transcription and summary feature to accelerate her workflow.

“If I didn't get it transcribed, I had to sit there and make a blog post around it. Having a summary like this? Gamechanger.”

Repurpose Audiograms into Reels

But the repurposing doesn't stop there. Caren goes back to Deciphr to grab one of the audiograms it has generated. Instead of using it as is, she dresses it up a bit using Canva.

"I created a template where I take the audio and that's on the bottom and on the top I then take the show card, repurpose something that I have done before," she explains. 

Caren's repurposed content is posted on social media, often leading to collaborations that boost airtime and views.

Tangible Results

With Deciphr AI in her toolkit, Caren has been able to transform one of her podcasts, Uncorked, into a lifestyle brand. She is now launching an Uncorked LIVE! travel program to embrace the evolution of the show.

"We have become a true lifestyle brand," she proudly states. Her listeners, who eagerly await each episode, are a testament to the sense of community she has fostered and the impact of her empowered voice of experience.

Caren's journey offers valuable insights for aspiring podcasters and content creators. Her advice? She encourages others to embrace new technology, a sentiment that echoes her own experience with Deciphr.

"Always be open to using new technology and never give up," she says.

Caren Glasser's story is a testament to the power of authentic storytelling, audience engagement, and the right tools. Her use of Deciphr has not only streamlined her workflow but also transformed her approach to podcast marketing. As she continues to innovate and evolve her shows, one thing is clear: the future is bright for this podcasting powerhouse.