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BBC Studios Takes Its Premium Podcast Service Global

May 21, 2024 Deciphr AI
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BBC Studios has dramatically expanded the availability of its premium podcast subscription service BBC Podcasts Premium. As of November 28th, the service is now accessible in 166 additional countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Massive Geographic Growth for Service

Originally launched in 2021 in the US and Canada, BBC Podcasts Premium provides ad-free early access to popular BBC podcasts for listeners willing to pay a subscription fee. This week's launch opens up the service to a huge new global audience.

According to Louise la Grange, SVP of Audio Distribution at BBC Studios, the expansion allows the BBC to "reach more listeners globally" and share its "audio journalism and storytelling" with new parts of the world.

What's Included in the Premium Service

The subscription service contains both original podcasts produced specifically for BBC Podcasts Premium and ad-free versions of leading BBC shows.

This means listeners can now get early access and an ad-free experience when streaming top BBC programs like Global News Podcast, Football Daily, Business Daily and Infinite Monkey Cage. Exclusives include At Your Service with pop star Dua Lipa and the true crime podcast Intrigue: Million Dollar Lover.

Global Growth Complements New BBC Audio Focus

The growth into 166 new territories comes as BBC Studios shifts more attention and resources into audio. Earlier this year, the BBC announced that production of some audio genres will move from the BBC's internal team to BBC Studios.

The expansion also builds on BBC Podcasts Premium's early success since first launching in 2021. It has consistently ranked among Apple Podcasts' top subscription channels.

So for podcasters and audio creators across several continents, this presents a major new distribution channel and opportunity to reach millions of potential new listeners who now have access to this service.

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