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New App to Offer Ad-Free Podcast Listening and Transcripts

May 17, 2024 Deciphr AI
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Auddia, a company using AI for audio identification and classification, recently announced some major upgrades coming to their mobile app faidr that are poised to shake up the podcasting world. On January 15th, 2024, faidr will introduce two groundbreaking features: ad-free podcast listening and interactive podcast transcripts.

Removing Ads Through AI

Faidr will leverage Auddia's proprietary AI to automatically detect and remove ads from podcast episodes of the app's top 200 most popular podcast shows. This means listeners can enjoy their favorite shows completely commercial-free.

Initially 50,000 ad-free episodes will be available when the feature launches. Users will be able to access these during their free trial period or through their $5.99 monthly subscription. An additional cost for ad-free podcasts may be added later in 2024 once the feature is more established.

Making Podcast Transcripts Dynamic

In addition to stripping out ads, Auddia's AI will also generate transcripts for all ad-free episodes. These transcripts aim to provide an enhanced listening experience, with the ability to search episodes, jump to sections in the audio, and more.

New Revenue for Podcasting?

According to Auddia's Chief Product Marketing Officer, Theo Romeo, these upcoming capabilities may open fresh revenue channels for podcasters and networks, supplementing money traditionally made from ads.

While details are still scant, Auddia seems to suggest they have ideas in the works for podcasters to monetize through partnerships related to the ad-free and transcript offerings. This hints at innovative models beyond the standard advertising approach.

More Interactive Features Coming

Faidr also plans increased podcast interactivity by incorporating their Vodacast digital content feed technology into future app versions. Vodacast may allow faidr to surface related links, images and more alongside podcast episodes to further engage listeners.

iOS First, Android to Follow

For now, Auddia is launching the ad-free podcasts and transcripts solely in faidr's iOS app, with Android soon to follow. But the company has indicated interest in eventually distributing this proprietary tech more widely, potentially through partnerships with other podcast players.

With these massive changes in store, faidr seems striving to offer podcast fans a next-level, commercial-free experience while creating new ways for podcasters to make money. The app’s updates could have intriguing implications for increasing revenue and engagement across the podcast ecosystem. We’ll be eagerly following along when these features drop on January 15th to see what the future may hold.

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