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Out With The Old, In With the Old: 5 Ways Podcasters Should Repurpose Their Content

May 24, 2024 Deciphr AI
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Although many expect this kind of strategy to fail, Kevan proved that repurposing has its purpose (pun intended) because it led to growth of over 4% in organic search traffic. Over 200,000 views on his new SlideShare presentations, and;</p><p id="">📈A Medium post that captured thousands of views and made it to the day’s Top 20</p><p id="">‍</p><p id="">And all of this goes to reinforce our point: repurposing content sounds crazy—but the only crazy thing about how effective it is.&nbsp;</p><p id="">(Notice how we repurposed what we told you in the email you just got? <em id="">Repurposing works—and helps—the same way</em>!)</p>

The 5 Best Ways to Repurpose Podcast Episodes

1. Audiograms

Here’s the main thing you need to know about audiograms: 

📋Your listeners love seeing them from their favourite podcasters;

📋Your potential listeners follow podcasts because of them, and;

📋You need to start making them ASAP. 

If you’ve never heard of audiograms before, here’s a helpful TL;DR to get you up to speed: 

They’re videos made from audio files (specifically, podcast episodes) that are 30 seconds to a minute long and are easy to share. And, the special thing about these types of content is that they—visually speaking—work well with subtitles, branded imaging, and waveform animations. 

With audiograms, there are opportunities to reach out to more listeners because they give a little trailer of what your podcast is about. This means that you can use your older podcast episodes and help them take on a new life as lead-generating machines that engage and convert! 

2. Videos

In today’s day and age where people are more visually-stimulated than ever, videos make strong candidates for any repurposing strategy. Unfortunately, there’s just one problem with these pieces of content: 

Only 17% of podcasters use them to their advantage—and you could be one of the remaining 83% that’s missing out. 

If you aren’t a believer in the power of podcast videos, here’s what makes them so effective:

✅They increase the authenticity and reliability of the podcasters who post them;

✅They allow listeners to immerse themselves and be part of the conversation—which keeps them more engaged, and;

✅They help viewers trust podcasts more since videos make episodes easier to access and understand. 

Videos are a great way to start repurposing content because they create opportunities for engagement. And, since they can be used to generate intrigue and answer questions, they make it easier for you to use even your oldest of episodes so you get more out of them! 

3. Blog Articles

Ah, yes: blog articles—the “old reliable” of any content repurposing strategy. 

Although they may be the oldest repurposing “vessels”, blogs are more important and effective than ever for helping podcasters cover major ground. 

Compared to many other options out there, these pieces of content are guaranteed to help drive traffic (as long as they’re made properly). This is because blog articles take audio content and turn them into something that search engines—like Google—can understand and index. 

Now, as helpful as blogs are for repurposing your old content and getting more mileage out of it, they can be time-consuming to make. Fortunately, this is where something like can work great!


It’s simple: our little robot tool makes it easier for you to brainstorm content and get resources for your outlines. This is all thanks to the show notes and timestamps that generates in under a minute—and we do it for free, mind you! 

(If you wanna give a try, click this link to upload your transcript and see our hard work at.. well.. work!)

4. Emails

There’s something about emails in the context of repurposing content that makes them so special: 

They give podcasts an opportunity to have a “persona” by using old episodes. 

Given that emails can be about literally anything and everything under the sun, they’re a great place to start if you want to reuse older material. Whether it’s about pieces of advice a guest gave you on one episode or a topic from another older one, the possibilities are endless! 

To get the most out of your repurposing efforts, it’s ideal to create a list of dated episodes that you can draw content from time to time. And if you don’t want to spend an eternity writing emails based on what you collected, you can use to shorten the process! 

5. Show Notes

As seemingly minor as they might be, show notes are a great way to market podcasts—and it helps that they make repurposing a lot easier. 

In other words?

If you’re not putting show notes together and editing them to be captivating and helpful, then you’re missing out on lots of huge opportunities. 

See, these pieces of content—to sum them up—are pages or posts that accompany your podcast episodes. In a nutshell, they’re essential for any content marketing strategy because they:  

👉Describe what happened during a particular podcast episode;

👉Outline key details or topics that listeners can look forward to;

👉Provide resources mentioned in an episode, and;

👉List guest bios (that help a podcast gain more traffic and traction!)

In the picture of repurposing, show notes work great because they can be used to “bump” an episode back into public consciousness. Even if an episode was posted a while back, releasing an accompanying show note a little while after will help it get more traffic and plays—while helping a podcast gain more subscribers! 

Aaaaaaaand… Here’s the best part about show notes: generates them for you in less than a minute. 

Imagine that: big increases in plays, subscription, and traffic for barely any effort—crazy, right?

We’re not kidding—upload your transcript here and see it for yourself (and get your show notes in a minute)! 

Give Your Old Content A New Life With Repurposing

Considering how much time, money, and effort goes into making podcast episodes, it’s always a good idea to make the most out of them in every way possible. This is exactly why repurposing is a must-do for any forward-thinking podcaster that wants to go the extra mile and turn their recordings into revenue, profit, and leads! 

So, if you’re thinking about giving your podcast the boost it needs to break barriers, take this sign to start repurposing your old episodes ASAP!