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10 Podcasting News & Trends (June 2023)

May 27, 2024 Deciphr AI
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Welcome to another week in the ever-evolving world of podcasting. From the rise of Facebook as a podcast platform to the importance of programmatic ads, there's always something new to learn. 

Here's a quick rundown of what's in store:

  • Facebook Emerges as Fourth Largest Podcast Platform
  • Apple Podcasts Boosts Niche Podcasters
  • Spotify Enhances User Experience with Redesign
  • Youth Podcasting Competition Launched in Singapore
  • KidsPod Revolutionizes Podcast Listening for Kids
  • German Podcast Advertising Earns 39 Million Euros in 2022
  • Patreon Introduces New Features for Creators
  • Headphones Double Positive Response to Messages
  • Programmatic Ads Dominate Podcast Advertising
  • YouTube Unveils New Earning Opportunities for Creators

Grab some coffee and let's dive into the latest podcast essentials that are sure to kickstart your week.


Facebook Emerges as 4th Largest Podcast Platform

Remember when Facebook was just a place to share vacation photos and argue about politics? Those days are long gone. According to a report by Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights, Facebook is now the fourth largest podcast platform. Yes, you read that right. The social media giant is making waves in the podcasting world, and it's time we took notice.

Although Facebook's podcast service shut down, it is likely that podcast promotion is still strong in the platform. Hosts and shows post links to platforms such as Facebook as a means to promote their podcast, and consumers click to listen.

If you haven't considered Facebook as a platform for your podcast promotion efforts, now might be the time to start.

Apple Podcasts Boosts Niche Podcasters

Apple Podcasts is shaking things up by elevating nine podcast subcategories in their charts.

This move is a game-changer for niche podcasters who often struggle to compete with the big guns in the podcasting world. These are the nine new subcategories that Apple Podcasts introduced:

  • Mental Health
  • Relationships
  • Self-Improvement
  • Personal Journals
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Documentary
  • Parenting
  • Books
  • Language Learning

Each of these subcategories has its own charts, displaying the top shows and episodes available in a listener's market. This is a huge advantage for podcasters who specialize in these areas, as it provides them with a platform to reach a more targeted audience. 

Spotify Enhances User Experience with Redesign

Spotify is revamping its desktop interface. The new look focuses on improving the user experience in terms of managing your library and optimizing the ‘now playing’ display. This redesign is more than just a fresh coat of paint. It's about making the podcast listening experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

As podcasters, we should take a page from Spotify's book.

It's not just about the content we create, but also about the experience we provide our listeners. 

Youth Podcasting Takes Center Stage in Singapore

In a bid to foster creativity and talent among the younger generation, Mediacorp has launched a competition for youth podcasters in Singapore

The competition, open to individuals and teams aged 13 to 35, is a golden opportunity for budding podcasters to showcase their skills and win attractive prizes. The initiative not only encourages the youth to explore the world of podcasting but also provides a platform for their voices to be heard. 

KidsPod Revolutionizes Podcast Listening for Kids

Tech start-up KidsPod Co. has launched a new podcast platform that revolutionizes listening for kids aged 3-13. The app, designed in partnership with kids’ tech expert Dubit Limited, presents over 300 kids’ podcasts in a visual, intuitive, and safe way. 

This is a significant development in the podcasting industry, as it addresses the need for kid-friendly content and provides a safe platform for children to explore the world of podcasts. Not only that, this is also a huge win for parents. With 71% concerned about their child’s screen time, this can help cut screen time while using a device for more productive purposes. 

Maybe it’s time to recognize the potential of this untapped audience and consider creating content that caters to them.

German Podcast Advertising Earns 39M Euros

FernUni Hagen brings us a fresh perspective on podcast advertising from Germany. 

This article is a reminder that podcasting is a global phenomenon, and there's always something new to learn from our international counterparts. Podcast shows in Germany have earned 39 million euros in 2022 alone from advertising—having advertising companies enter a gold rush mood. 

As podcasters, we should strive to keep our finger on the pulse of global trends. After all, our listeners come from all corners of the world. Learning from the German podcasting scene can broaden your horizons.

Patreon's New Era of Creative Control

Patreon, the popular platform for creators, has introduced new features that allow creators to connect directly with their biggest fans and sell digital products. The update is designed to give creators more control over how they reach their audience and build sustainable businesses. 

What does this mean for you? Well, simple. More moolah. This gives podcasters more monetization of their content while effectively building a stronger relationship with their audience. 

One of these new features is called Commerce, which allows a simple way to sell individual podcast episodes or other digital files. This is another significant step towards making podcasting a more lucrative venture.

Headphones Double Positive Response to Messages

Ariyh brings us an intriguing insight: listening with headphones makes messages more persuasive. In fact, 93% of podcast listening is done alone and most likely done via headphones. 

According to research, people are twice as likely to respond positively to a message when they're wearing headphones. This is because headphones create a more intimate and immersive audio environment, making the listener feel surrounded by the sound.

For podcasters, this insight could significantly influence how you approach your content creation. It's not just about the content itself, but also how it's consumed. If your listeners are twice as likely to respond positively when they're wearing headphones, it might be worth considering how you can optimize your podcast for headphone use.

While it sounds basic, paying more attention to the audio quality STILL gets you a long way. This is proof of that. Ensuring that your podcast sounds great even on the smallest earbuds can create a more immersive listening experience.

Next time you're crafting your podcast script or tweaking your audio settings, remember this: your words and sounds have power, especially when they're delivered straight into your listener's ears. So, let's make every word, every soundbite, and every moment count.

Programmatic Ads Dominate Podcast Advertising The Future of Podcasting

Amplifi Media makes a compelling case for the importance of programmatic ads in podcasting. The podcast industry is at a crossroads, and it's time we embraced programmatic or risk being left behind.

According to Amplifi Media, programmatic ads are not just the future, they're the present. In 2022, programmatic ads accounted for over 80% of all digital ad spend, and this figure is only set to rise. This method of advertising allows for precise targeting, ensuring that your podcast ads reach the right ears at the right time.

Think of programmatic ads as the autopilot of advertising. It's like having a personal assistant who knows exactly where to place your ads, at what time, and to whom. It's all about using technology to automate the buying and selling of ad space, making the process more efficient and targeted.

Remember, change can be scary, but so was your first podcast recording, right? Look how far you've come since then. Embracing programmatic ads might just be the next big step in your podcasting journey.

YouTube Unveils New Ways for Creators to Earn

YouTube is at it again to stay ahead of the podcasting industry, announcing new ways for creators to earn money across the platform. The updates include earlier access to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) with lower eligibility criteria, opening up access to fan funding features like channel memberships, Super Chat, Super Thanks, and more. 

Additionally, YouTube is expanding its Shopping affiliate program to all eligible US-based creators who are in YPP with over 20,000 subscribers. 

There it is—another boon for podcasters who also have a YouTube presence, as it provides additional avenues to generate revenue.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Ten essentials to kickstart your week. From the rise of Facebook as a podcast platform to the importance of programmatic ads, there's always something new to learn in the world of podcasting.